Day 1 Update

So the trip has started!

Things kicked off well when the nice lady at Air New Zealand asked “Would you like a free upgrade today, sir.” Yes, yes I would.

The first leg was near the front of the jet, and pretty bloody good. Leg two from Auckland to San Francisco was more interesting. I jagged a quasi exit aisle- it wasn’t technically an exit aisle, it was the one behind, but my seat didn’t have anything in front of it.

Things were looking even better with an apparent empty seat next to me… until the last passenger aboard took position. At first she wasn’t happy because she wanted an aisle seat because she “had DVT in the past, and need to get up a lot.” Oh man…

Things weren’t too bad until she got the mega night horrors about two hours after the dinner service, when everyone started to drift off. The horrors then somehow resulted in a spot of unconsciousness. Fortunately one of the hosties was a former paramedic, and got her going again, but it wasn’t great for the other two punters in row 54!

Anyhoo, had a win at SFO when the nice rental car man gave me a Mustang for the weekend. It’s a pretty good rig, a fair bit of sniff, reasonably good handling, but the road compliance of a pogo stick. Note to self, never hit a bump/grain of sand, or run the risk of winding up in a paddock.

Staying on the correct (wrong) side of the road hasn’t been an issue- in California there is a car ever five square metres, so there are plenty of people to follow around…

Did In-N-Out Burger for lunch. $5 for a large burger/cholesterol meal deal. Delicious. Root beer, where have you been in my life since 1994?

Visited the Walmart next door, what unbelievable quality at outrageously cheap prices. I was surprised being in the middle of Wine Country USA that shit Australian wines feature prominently in their offering.

Went up to Armstrong Redwoods- amazing place, the photos of these 100m/1400 year old trees do them absolutely no justice. The road there was pretty special, all of the vineyards are green and leafy, on rolling hills framed by redwoods.

Staying at the Hilton Sonoma Valley, it must be the spot, as everyone else here is from the NASCAR circus. Darian Grubb is in the room next door… to eavesdrop on set up chatter or not?


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