Day 6 Update

Early start, off to Alcatraz on the first boat of the morning.

After watching a lot of documentaries on the place, to actually see where it all happened is incredible. Neat audio tour through the prison section.

Headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf for a lunch of clam chowder, which was odd, it didn’t seem terribly American as it had no cheese.

Went to Jack’s Bar for one of their 68 beers on tap, before heading over to the historic maritime museum thing. Some nice things, including an old old wooden boat that was filled with old timey wooden cars.

Cruised around for a bit, noticed that there was an Oakland ferry ready to go, so I jumped on it a couple of hours early.

The ferry unloads at Jack London Square, which has a nice glossy website, that paints it as a vibrant hub. Calling it a ghost town would be doing a disservice to ghost towns, as they tend to have ghosts.

With nothing going on, and nobody around, I caught a free-bus to “city centre” Oakland.

Walked around for a couple of hours, found one Starbucks and one bar. There were a lot of tall buildings, but I didn’t check to see if they had doors. Not many people around, and fewer shops open.

Trained it out to the Oakland Collesium to see the A’s take on the Cincinnati Reds. Cool deal, cool facility, but all of the concession stands are as dear as poison.

Had seats in the front row of the cheap reserved seats, which was slightly in the nosebleed section (ie deep left field). Fortunately the A’s brought their A game, and knocked a couple of sluggers over the fence in our direction… missed the ball by 10m! I left with 3.5 innings to go, however nobody scored after I left, with the A’s getting up 7-2.

Last day of cruising around today, off to England this evening. Have a good one y’all!


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