Day 12 Update

Because of bicycle transportation issues, I was required at the train station at 6:22am. Ouch.

Saying that, the Virgin Trains service from Milton Keynes to Euston is a goody- about £10 for the 30 minute express trip including cycle. Much cheaper than the alternatives, and much less sapping than peddaling all the way to London.

Went for a ride through Regent’s Park, then back over to Little Venice, and a section of the canals that we didn’t cover on Saturday. It was the daggier end of the canals, but it was still pleasent.

Cut through Notting Hill, which looks like the rest of London, but is on a hill, then through Holland Park, which was nice.

Cruised around South Kensington for a while before the Natural History Museum opened. The things-in-jars collection was interesting, there were a lot of things to look at, but I think for some of the Australian animals on display, they were using the fattest specimens in the range. Platypus aren’t that big…

Next door was the Science Museum, and I really liked this. A lot of mechanical things that I dig. The space section had some cool life sized replicas on display (the Lunar Module is bigger than I expected), but the area that took the cake was the flight section. The things on display here seriously put all air museums in Australia to shame.

There was also a “Google Lab”, which was interesting. Including a thing that took your photo and used a robot to draw it in the sand. Apparently you can log into the museum from the internet and it will draw your face from your webcam. I don’t know how this is furthering humanity, but it’s neat.

On the way back to drop off the cycle, did a lap through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and one last time past the standard attractions like the Queen’s house and the large clock tower.

Tubed to Heathrow, where it became apparent that the English are shit people at travelling. Of the ten people in front of me, nine of them got pulled up at the security screening. There was a combination of wearing your watch, belt, things in pockets, oversized liquids the works. Some of them looked liked seasoned businessmen, but they were all useless. The added bonus of failing the metal detectors is that you recieve a massively invasive frisk in front of everyone, who appear to be cool with this practice. Get it together. Thanks.


Day 10 Update

So here’s the deal- I went to bed last night utterly buggered due to a very large day. Didn’t sleep, quite excited, it’s 4am and I’m typing.

Yesterday was bicycle around London day, and it was fantastic.

Ok, a slightly inauspicious start when the gear cable on my bike snapped at Buckingham Palace, so a noisey fixed speed cycle it was to be.

Cruised through Kensington Gardens, spotted a palace, then it was off to Little Venice for the first sighting of the canals.

Made it to Lords for the 11am tour. Brilliant. Checked out the famed Long Room, both change rooms, the grand stands and the media centre. Also checked out the real Ashes Urn in the museum. Made it to the gift shop in time to see the final two minutes of the rugby… Straya!

Around the corner was the Beatles Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. Dicked around there and held up traffic some.

Hooked back up with the canals at Regent’s Park and made our way around to the Camden Lock Markets. Wow. What an amazing place! You could go in there with a lot of money, spend a whole day and walk out very happy.

Continued along the canals, before heading back to the River Thames to drop off Madam’s cycle. The weather was mint for a ride, and there was very little traffic on the bits of road we used.

Walked back up to Euston Station, stopping for beer. Dropped the bike off, and continued walking around, back up to Camden. Not ideal for already tired legs…

Quick 30 minute Virgin Train ride back to Milton Keynes. It turned out the cycle wouldn’t disassemble to go in Madam’s car, so I rode back to Newport Panell. Really nice route on some dedicated paths in the forest. Lovely.

Walked into town for a beer and a pint. Excellent day. Off to Silverstone, stay tuned…

Trip Day 10 London

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