ZF working hand-in-hand with truck manufacturers

I caught up with Frank Manger, Senior Manager Sales & Application from ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Technology Business Unit, Truck & Van Driveline Technology at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show. Working with a global company, you meet a lot of interesting people from the world over.

ZF Services Australia at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show

ZF Services Australia showcased their range of heavy duty transport transmissions at the 2013 Brisbane Trucks Show. This clip summarises the importance of the event to the company.

World leading technology is cool to work with

World leading technology is cool to work with

One of the best things about working with ZF Services Australia is writing stories about new, groundbreaking pieces of technology. This one is on the new TraXon heavy transport transmission, which is going to totally change how manufacturers specify their trucks from next year. Amazing concept and technology at play… Click here to read more.